Technology Grade 8

Term 1

Frame Structures
50 minutes

Key concepts for structures:

  • Frame structures are made up of severa members.
  • Each member of a roof truss performs a particular function in a truss.
  • The four different forces that may act on structures are tension, compression, shearand torsion forces.
  • Each different force has a different effect on the members of trusses.
  • There is a simple method to identify tension and compression forces in members of trusses.
  • Trusses need structures that form triangles in order to be rigid.
  • Electrical pylons need to include triangular forms (triangulation), so that they can be rigid.
  • Cross-bracing in electrical pylons makes them resistant to torsion forces.
  • Several very different structures are used to span spaces.
  • Structures can fail from a lack of strength (they can fracture), a lack of stiffness or rigidity (they can bend) or a lack of stability (they can fall over).

Term 2

Reducing the negative impact of technology
50 minutes

Write a report on reducing the negative impact of plastic bags on society and the environment.

Only click finish once you have completed the report in your notebook.

Investigate what paper and cardboard is made of
50 minutes
Draw the development of a box
50 minutes

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